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Goat yoga is the combination of two of my loves; yoga and goats.

I have kept goats myself in the past and goat keeping is very much within my family. It was playing with my own goats, and the joy they found in interacting with me whilst I moved, that gave me the idea in the first place.

Yoga is well know to stretch and strengthen the body and in doing so focus and quiet the mind. Why adding goats into the equation may appear to separate the activity from a strictly traditional yoga practice it still encourages participants to be mindful. You can’t be anywhere other than in the moment when you have got new furry friends posing with you, or on you!

Spending time around young, playful animals like goats is just great fun, because they make you laugh but spending time with animals is also known to have a calming effect on us. Goat Yoga simply adds these additional therapeutic benefits to the those health benefits already granted through yoga.

If cute goats encourage new people to try yoga for the first time or if it encourages experienced yogis to explore something new then that is great. 

The goats are having a good time just being… goaty, they choose to engage or not engage with the participants. They can climb on us, charge around, sit down with us… or just stand and eat (and poo!).

Polly Goat Yoga sessions tickets must be booked through White Post Farm.

Private Polly Goat Yoga party bookings are also available.
Please email me at info@pollyyoga.co.uk.